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Started at 27% and Finished at 7% “You really changed my life, I’ve never been in this kind of shape in my life and i’ve been doing this for 6 years already. I know how to maintain this look forever”


I lost 120lbs+, what you brought to the table was very different to what I’ve tried in the past with different trainers. The experience and the knowledge you gave me to control my body is invaluable to me.


“Going through my early 50’s, I wanted my physical body to still react the way my mind is still feeling and reacting. Your DNA sequence was really the formula to getting these results”


“53lb in 16 weeks. I could eat the foods I liked and at the same time lose weight. The DNA sequence just make everything so much more clearer.”

Don’t Just Take My Word for it… Here are my Clients Transformation & their Experience

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I’m 110% committed to providing you all the tools and support you need to become the Best Version of yourself.

I’ve been exactly in your shoes, giving it 100% effort, tried various training programs, diet plans and I’ve just never gotten the results I’ve desired. As a doctor you are taught to not treat the disease but the patient. The same goes with getting rid of stubborn fat, specific and scientifically backed adjustments need to be made. The way you train, eat and your overall lifestyle need to be optimized to lose that stubborn fat. My passion and my joy in life is transferring all the power to you, so that you have complete control of what you do to your body through science.

When I transformed my body, my entire life changed. I would have never been able to get through Medical School without it or have a YouTube Community of over 1,000,000 subscribers. As each day went by, seeing what consistency, dedication and hard work could do to my body, I shifted those same disciplines to school, my business and my family. I’ve become a better, happier and more confident version of myself. And now I want to help you change your life too!

Here's what my clients have to say about my program

How it Works

Step 1

Initiate the Application Process

Begin by submitting an application to collaborate with Dr. Michael Diamonds and his esteemed team of medical professionals and health specialists, all of whom possess extensive experience and proven track records in their respective fields. By thoroughly completing the application, you enable our team to optimally prepare for the next phase and cater to your unique needs.
Step 2

Engage in a Comprehensive Diagnostic Consultation

Schedule a diagnostic consultation with Dr. Mike, during which he will attentively assess your current health status using advanced diagnostic tools and evidence-based methodologies. Utilizing his expertise, Dr. Mike will subsequently formulate a strategic plan to efficiently achieve your health and fitness objectives, tailored to your specific lifestyle and personal preferences.
Step 3

Receive a Tailored Health and Fitness Blueprint

Within 48 hours, Dr. Michael Diamonds will provide you with a meticulously crafted, individualized plan, specifically designed to optimize your health and enhance your fitness performance. This bespoke blueprint will incorporate cutting-edge scientific research and innovative techniques to maximize your results and overall well-being.
Step 4

Experience Ongoing Support and Program Modification

Benefit from Dr. Mike Diamonds' unwavering guidance through weekly consultations, 24/7 access to private messaging, and ongoing adjustments to your personalized program. This dynamic approach ensures your continued progress and success in reaching your health and fitness goals. Moreover, you'll gain exclusive access to our comprehensive library of resources, including instructional videos, articles, and expert insights to further support your journey toward peak health and performance.


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